Gear That Got it Done in ’21: The Multus Perfect Deer Drag

I’m somewhat of a hunting minimalist. While my wife and dedicated hunting closet beg to differ, I try to not buy too many hunting gadgets. Okay, okay, let’s place me firmly between minimalist and occasional sucker for new gear and gadgetry. The fact is, in addition to my gun or bow, there are only a couple of handfuls of equipment that I employ. In terms of frequency, you can knock that count down to about one handful. For example, I’ve got a rattle bag in my pack, but it’s been two full seasons since I’ve let any kind of rattling sequence meet the autumn or winter air.


These days, I tend to hunt solo rather than on deer leases and other community hunts – and in my experience, the solo hunting mindset has brought on the need for a few new items in the hunting pack.


During this past season, there were a few pieces of hunting gear that made my excursions more enjoyable. While I try to keep my solo hunting regimen as seamless and simple as possible, I’ve introduced a few things to the mix – gear that was so helpful, I’ll likely utilize it in future seasons.


In this age of high-tech hunting, I still often find that the best gear is the simple gear. Gear that’s “brilliant in its simplicity”. I found the Multus Perfect Deer Drag to be one such element. In plain English, this straightforward looped strap with a handle was designed to drag deer and other game animals after the shot. I would discover that it’s much more than that though.


The Multus Deer Drag is small in size and big in utility.


During this past season, this little gem helped me pull a few modest-sized does, as well as two bucks in the 200-pound range into the back of my truck. One of the bucks I harvested entailed a tiring (and frustrating) two-hour search on an evening when I left my skinning knife back at my camp. In this case, the leverage and comfortable handle afforded by the deer drag saved my back, as well as my mood.


Over the years, I’ve used both retail and homebrew deer drags and came away underwhelmed. However, as mentioned, my increasing solo hunting experience has caused me to reevaluate the equipment I truly need on my treks to and across the multiple Texas properties I hunt.


To be honest, I was still shocked at the handiness of this simplistic piece of gear.


Additional Utility

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the other uses I got out of this, Multus’ popular (and original) product offering. In addition to dragging deer across my various hunting digs, My Multus drag also helped me to haul bags of feed, tree limbs, and, in a couple of cases, an awkward tripod hunting stand across the rock-filled Texas Hill Country dirt.


Allowing you to stand in an upright position, the drag allows for more comfortable pulling and hoisting of any sized deer.


Finally, my favorite; While admittedly not initially intended, the simple system served as a means of hanging deer back at camp.


It first happened when I got off without a gambrel and pulley on a late-October bow hunt. In a slight jam, I was able to easily cinch the deer drag to a tree branch and attach an S-Hook to the suspended handle. From there, I was able to, with a rogue section of rope, create a small loop through the holes I had cut through the skin at the deer’s lower legs. From the bed of the truck, I was able to hoist the deer enough to place the loop over the hanging S-hook.


This method doesn’t result in a thing of beauty but easily gets the job done. What started as a means to an end is now my main means of hanging deer for butchering at the camp or local meat processor. In fact, considering the drag’s lightweight and compact size, I’ve scrapped the space and weight of a pulley/gambrel system for my solo hunts, using them only for group hunts or on the family farm.


Though it’s a handy system for any hunter, The Multus Perfect deer drag is particularly ideal for the DIY deer hunter that’s on the move. I will likely continue to find new uses for this simple, yet innovative product.


The Grades

Cost/Value: A-

Right out of the packaging, the $15 price tag didn’t overly impress me. It seemed about right for a seemingly rudimentary strap with a handle. My initial pricing grade of B+ seemed fair – that is, until the simple system bailed me out on a couple of occasions. When it was all said and done, the drag had repeatedly proved its worth during hunting season (and at home as well). Considering that I plan to use it for years, the grade increased accordingly. If fact the drag comes in a handy 2-pack bundle for about $25. Kind of a no-brainer.


Quality/Design: A

The Multus Perfect Deer Drag is stout, but very light. The simple strap and handle easily held a 200-pound animal suspended overnight. The handle is both strong and comfortable in the hand. While it’s a personal preference, I like the bright orange color. I’m known for losing gear (or leaving it behind). The last thing I need is gear donning earth tones, much less a camo pattern.


Hunting Utility: A

As mentioned, I have already found a few specific hunting uses for the product and fully expect to find more. Weighing in at less than a half-pound and collapsing down to about 6-inches in diameter, the product adds ounces, not pounds to a hunting pack. The system easily fits in the truck, UTV, or backpack. On one hunt, I even zip-tied it to a belt loop which likewise worked out well. Finally, the bright reflective color is good for marking a harvested deer or other spot during daytime or nighttime. The only thing that kept this grade from getting an A+ grade was my uncertainty regarding its ability to drag and hoist larger heavier big game animals. That said, at its low price, a second deer drag could be purchased for a second hunter to help with dragging and increasing its pulling capacity.


The drag makes easier work of many other objects.


The grades are in and, suffice to say, this one delivers (pun intended). Note that Multus Products offers other specialized dragging and lifting systems that not only help in the field, but at home. I highly recommend.



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  • Since we specifically highlight gear that we have found useful, you’ll typically see high marks. One of our main motivations is to feature products that can truly improve your hunting situation.



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