About Us

MULTUS, LLC was started with an idea to create a universal utility handle that I could attach and use for carrying and moving objects.  It was designed for my personal use.  I have worked in orthopedics and spine care specialty of interventional pain management for 23 years.  I have hunted and enjoyed construction activities since I was 9 years old. 

I have sustained injuries to my neck, low back, shoulder joints and both wrists when I was involved in a drunk driving collision.  "I have become smarter about how I do things so I don’t have to stop doing things I love. “

MULTUS is a Latin term for many uses.   MULTUS best describes the novel and patented comfort grip, multi-use handle.  Our products are easy to use, lightweight and has many application.   Multus products allows you to be in the best position when lifting, dragging or pulling to improve pulling power and control to reduce work needed and to reduce injuries. 

I hope this site and my products are helpful to you.  Thank you for your purchase and please send pictures of the ways you have found good use for the Multus Products.

Joe Porche, Owner